Pros And Cons Fact At Huawei Freeclip Earbuds Review (2024)

Huawei Freeclip Earbuds is one of the best daily partners for you. Earbuds become a necessary part of our daily lives. It is used to control such things effortlessly, when you are busy with a meeting, work, or anything else and you receive a call, then you don’t have to one your phone, just you can click on the Earbuds and it can do what you want.

Today’s earbuds feature many Useful and innovative controls for Earbuds such as Changing Music Track, Control Calls, and Controlling the whole phone via Voice Assistant.

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So we are here again with a Pros And Cons Fact of Huawei Freeclip Review. If you are a true Huawei fan then you definitely should read it–

Huawei Freeclip Earbuds Price

Huawei Freeclip Earbuds Unboxing
Huawei Freeclip Earbuds Unboxing (Image: EMKWAN REVIEWS)

The Huawei Free Clip Earbuds price is RM 899.00 with the Wireless Charging Case on the Huawei Official Website. There is also one more Purple Color Option at the same cost and I seriously like this model. Huawei also allows you to buy at EMI at RM 1419.83 in 6 months. The Huaweri Freeclip Price in the Philippines starts at ₱ 9,999.00 at Shopee and it does not provide you EMI solution for instant purchase.

Huawei Freeclip Earbud Specifications

HuaweI Freeclip Earbuds Features
Huawei Freeclip Earbuds Features (Image: EMKWAN REVIEWS)
  • Cool Design: The Huawei Freeclip earbud comes with a clippy design that easily fits into the ear and if you think its clip makes trouble for us, that is not true! Its clip is also flexible and comfortable.
  • Excellent Color: The Huawei Freeclip Earbuds come in two color models– Black and Purple and both are tasty if you are too serious about premiums.
  • Dimension: Its earbud’s dimension is approx 26.70 mm × 22.00 mm × 25.30 mm weighs around 5.6 g ± 0.3 g while its case is approx 59.70 mm × 51.95 mm × 27.35 mm at the weight of 45.5 g ± 2 g which is litewieght.
  • Powerful Battery Optimization: Battery Management is a very important thing for Earbuds and Huawei has done it excellently. These earbuds provide you 55 mAh battery in buds while the charging case has a 510 mAh battery with a charging support of 2W and can charge 100 within two hours and you can use it non-stop for up to 36 hours combined Buds and Charging Case battery.
  • Necessary Controls: The Huawei Freeclip Earbuds provide you with all the necessary controls via buds. You can double tap on the Buds Ball for Play/Pause audio, or answer/end a call while triple tap for changing the music track.
  • Sweatproof: This earbud is protected with IP54 Protection which allows you to you can wear it while Jogging or exercising. Unfortunately, you can not swim while wearing this because it is not waterproof.
  • In-Box Content: When you buy Huawei Freeclip Earbuds, you will get 1 pair of Earbuds, 1 Charging Case, a Quick Start Guide, A Warranty Card, and a USB Type-C Cable.

Huawei Freeclip Earbuds Review

Huawei Freeclip Earbuds In Case
Huawei Freeclip Earbuds In Case (Image: EMKWAN REVIEWS)

I have tested over 50+ earbuds and I feel that this one is also one of the best affordable options with good features. I’m not necessarily blown away by it, but I like it because it’s reasonably priced.

I like its Buds design and charging case too. Such a premium thing Huawei has done and its Buds clip is also excellent with the comfortable funk.

The charging capabilities should be a little improved because 36 hours is not a competitive power at this cost, other brands like Realme, and Xiaomi have provided better things at this cost.

I missed the voice assistant in this earbuds. Voice Assistant allows you to control your phone for multipurpose things.

There is one more important feature that earbuds should have, which is ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). This feature helps to eliminate background noise when on a call, even if you’re in a crowded area. Unfortunately, the Huawei Freeclip does not have this feature, which is disappointing.

One thing I like about these buds is their sound quality. The sound base is powerful and the quality is clear and precise.

Overall the quality of the earbuds is excellent, the voice is clear, and nearly behaves like ANC but with the lack of features we didn’t like these buds.

Pros And Cons Fact At Huawei Freeclip Review

Huawei Freeclip Earbuds
Huawei Freeclip Earbuds (Image: EMKWAN REVIEWS)

Now coming to the main point. The Pros (Advantages) and Cons (Disadvantages) fact of the Huawei Free Clip which helps you make the right decision for these earbuds–

Pros (Advantage)

  • Design: The design is excellent and comfortable. Its charging case is also powerful with a cool and pocket-friendly design. If you don’t like its black model, then you can go with purple color options.
  • Buds Comfortability: The Earbuds are comfortable and easily fitted in all types of ears. With its flexible funk, you do not feel trouble.
  • Excellent Battery: The Buds provide you with a 55mAh battery while the outsider Case has a 510 mAh battery for long-lasting power consumption which is seriously good at this price.
  • Controls: These earbuds provide you with certain controls like Music controls and call and power controls only.
  • Light Notification: For charging notification there is also a minimal light notification on the front of the charging case which notify you of the battery health.
  • Excellent sound: The sound is excellent and better than other brands’ sound quality that too without ANC Supports.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • ANC Missing: Active Noice Canceling is one of the important parts of Earbuds and the Huawei Freeclip Earbuds do not support ANC.
  • Power Supply: The Huawei Freeclip earbuds provide you with up to 36 hours of battery life but this life span is not the best at this cost, other brands like Xiaomi, Redmi, and Realme provide you better and optimized battery consumption features with long-lasting power supply.
  • No Waterproof: This is also one of the important features of Earbuds. People generally use Earbuds for exercise and in this buds can also get wet in water and sweat. It is protected with IP54 protection which does not allow you to take a bath or swim while wearing this.
  • No Multiple Color Options: The Huawei Freeclip Earbuds come only in two color options– Black And Purple. We need a few more options that match our fashion.

Editors Opinion

Huawei Freeclip Earbuds Funk
Huawei Freeclip Earbuds Funk (Image: EMKWAN REVIEWS)

If you are a die-hard Huawei fan, you may consider this product. However, it may not be the best option for you if you are looking for more advanced features. We recommend Huawei Freeclip Earbuds for general use only and not as a partner for exercise.

On the other side, Sound Quality is good and Latency is very low which is generally used for gaming. Overall the public rating is 4.0 out of 5 for its sound quality and premium design while other parts of the earbuds get under 3.0 ratings.


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