Privacy Policy

The Dryo Tech collects users’ data and protects them while you are reading or browsing our websites. It might be your email, your name, your address, and sometimes, in rare cases, your mobile number as well. We are committed to protecting our reader data at any cost. We collect that data to inform our readers and users about something, they need!

What Data We Collect?

When you visit our website, we may collect certain personal data for inquiry purposes. Here is what we collected and what for.

  • Name: We collect this for, rear our right readers and send the right information, they may ask us or they might need it!
  • Email: We also collect users’ emails, just for contacting purposes. Sometimes subscribe to our newsletter or via direct email, we contact them to thank them or share useful information.
  • Cookies: Cooking always enhances your browsing and we also collect to give you the right information. You can control it via your browser settings.
  • IP Address: It is automatically collected, in which IP address you contact us through comments.

Use of Your Data

The data, contacts, and other information we collected, used for this purpose–

  • To provide you with personalized services (like favorite news and topics)for you.
  • To communicate with you.
  • Responding for Enquiry
  • For Customer Support.
  • To prevent fraud and online scams.

Where we collect your data

Here are some known ways, form we collect your data

  • From Comments: When you comment us something on this website, we collect your name, Email ID, And IP Address.
  • By subscribing Newsletter: when you subscribe to the newsletter, we get your email, name on EMAIL, and what you inform us in your sent email texts.
  • From Direct Email: We have provided a dedicated email for inquiries, feedback, and contact ways. So when you send us an email, we collect some information like, Email, name, and what you share in the texted email.
  • From Social Media: We own social media handles on various platforms. When you comment on it, like it, text, or call us, we collect all the provided data from your profile but we never save it in our directory. You can find those data in our log and activity controls in your App.

Your Rights

You have full rights to correct and remove your data from us by contacting or direct service if possible. Furthermore, if you have subscribed to our newsletter then you can also unsubscribe us without informing us.

Privacy And Security

We committee to make users’ data private and safe as well. We never share your data, even your name and other private things with others. But let us tell you that no data on the internet is 100% secure and there is no guarantee of this.

Privacy Changing Policy

We have reserved to change your privacy policy terms at any time when we need to improve it! We always encourage you to please read our privacy policy terms before sharing your data.

Contact Us

Again we are here. You can contact us mainly through Email And Social Handles easy to get in touch with you!