OnePlus is gearing up for the New Smartwatch Launch in MWC 2024

Between all the buzz and hype, OnePlus is gearing up for the brand new premium smartwatch launch set at MWC (Mobile World Congress) Even on 26th February 2024. It claims to have up to 100 hours of battery lifespan with many smart modes without losing its cool design and premiums.

The OnePlus backs up itself with the Watch 2 in black and silver color options which is made with stainless steel sapphire crystal.

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OnePlus Watch 2 Teaser

The company has claimed 100 hours of battery life due to its brand-new feature “Smart Mode” which consumes low battery power. If something works like your smartphone in “Super Power Saving” Mode.

It will break all the background running apps and make your smartwatch limit for every power-consuming component so that it can give you a long battery life span.

OnePlus Watch 2- At a glance

OnePlus Watch 2 Image

As OnePlus has teased the Watch 2 it looks cool. It is officially confirmed to launch at the Mobile World Congress Event held on 26th February in Barcelona. Not at all, also it will launch in India on the same day to attract most of the users, because the OnePlus has the largest consumer from India and they don’t want to miss it.

OnePlus Watch 2 with OnePlus 12 Mobile

In the teaser, it came out with a pair of One Plus Watch 2 with the OnePlus official logo with the kick words “One Plus Watch 2, Your Partner in Time” and then you can see the launch date with the time “8:30 PM IST | Feb 26” which confirmed officially that it is all set to launch on MWC 2024.

OnePlus Watch 2 Launch Date

As for its body design, it looks like it is inspired by the One Plus 12 Series rear camera panel. The watch face has a triple circle that looks like a triple camera setup.

Also, OnePlus offers a pre-reservation pass for Rs. 99, available only on their website, This pass ensures a discount of Rs. 1000 when buying the OnePlus Watch 2, along with a complimentary OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC.

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