NothingOS 2.5.2 Known Issues: Haptic Sound Is More Powerful Than Vibration!

Finally, NothingOS 2.5.2 for Nothing Phone 1 is launched. In this update, they have focused on the Customization Features, Glyph Interface, Gestures, Quick Settings, New Widgets, and a Few Important Changes in the system.

This new update takes you to Nothing OS 2.5, which is run by Android 14. It’s the biggest update we’ve made since NothingOS 2.0. It is packed with cool new things and improvements to make your daily use even better.

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NothingOS 2.5.2 Features

Nothing Os 2.5.2 Update
Nothing Os 2.5.2 Update

The company officially announced its details on Nothing Community when this Update came to the public. Here are the new features and updates of NothingOS 2.5.2 depth detail–

  • Home Screen: Nothing has been redesigned on the Home screen and the customization panel will help you to edit wallpaper with more adjustable views.
  • Atmosphere Wallpaper Effect: It added a new atmospheric effect that can make the home screen wallpaper a Motian and Animation effect.
  • Solid Wallpaper: It added a solid color wallpaper option to make your home screen clean and clear.
  • Music Glyph Visualization: It enhanced the Music Glyph Effect and Visuals. Now the glyph effect is a sync for any music played in the phone.
  • NFC: Now, if you using NFC Features, your phone’s glyph will give you an instant effect for notification.
  • Double Press Feature: Now a new feature added which allows you to press double the power button for an assigned task. You just head to Settings > System > Gestures for the first setup.
  • Lock Screen Shortcut: After NothingOS 2.5.2 Update, you can see more shortcuts on the Lock screen like, Do Not Disturb, QR code scanner, video camera Mute, Etc.
  • Screenshot: Now you can capture the screenshot by just swiping it down with three fingers. Also, it allows real-time screen short editor on the display.
  • Quick Settings: Now You can directly set the network via the Notification Panel without unlocking the device.
  • Pedometer Widget: This update introduces the Pedometer widget allows you to measure your daily walking steps on the display.
  • Screen Time Widget: Now you can monitor, how much time you spend your time on the phone. You can monitor the total screen time daily.

NothingOs 2.5.2 Known Bugs

After this update, everyone updated it out of curiosity and almost everything is excellent. But one user has commented on an important noticeable thing in the phone. According to him, the Phone’s Haptic Sound looks more powerful than its Vibration. Haptic sound is very useful when you playing games. it helps you to guess which side has more crowdy activity.

Hpatic is known for its Vibration Effect and is very helpful for gamers but loud sounds can distract. As the user shared, it looks like he is distracted by this.

Apart from that, one more user has mailed us and said that He is still facing a Game Freeze issue. Once he was playing PUBG Mobile and between the clutch, their gameplay stuck 3 to 4 times. They said it was too frustrating.

Then we have suggested that Just Clear The Cache of the game and restart your phone, it might fix the problems. And it becomes positive. After this update, we do not have seen any major issues in the Phone 1 right now after the NothingOS 2.5.2 update. If you are facing any issues please let us know in the comments or send the details on our social handles.

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