Nothing OS 2.5.1A Rolled Out For Phone 2: What is New?

Finally, Nothing has introduced its Nothing Os 2.5.1 Beta A for Nothing phone 2 with many exciting features. This firmware update is not available for everyone right now, This update will be simultaneously rolled out one by one for everyone. In this update, they especially focused on glyph and system stability with a bunch of graphics optimization.

Nothing Os 2.5.1 A For Nothing Phone 2: What is New?

Nothing Os 2.5.1 A New Features
Nothing Os 2.5.1 A New Features

The brand is focusing on enhancing the system and user experience. However, there are also a bunch of new improvements that have been seen that might give you a seamless user experience and enhancement in Glyph. Here is, What is new in Nothing Os 2.5.1 A–

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Freezing Issues Solved

The issue initially observed on Phone (1) has persistently affected users of Phone (2). However, following the latest update, this problem has been comprehensively addressed and resolved. The company has implemented significant modifications in this update, notably introducing a permanent solution for the freezing issue. These issues are addressed mostly when playing games or when running heavy applications like Video Editing, Audio Editing, Games Excel, etc.

I addressed this issue when I played PUBG Mobile, can you believe it, when I rushed to the enemy, suddenly this phone got frozen and my character got statued and the enemy finished us many times. Finally, this issue is solved officially after this update.

Glyph Sync With Audio

However, this is not a major issue for everyone, but most of the time, the glyph effects fail to sync with Audio Effects. This update brings significant changes in Nothing Os 2.5.1 A and is said to be easily synced with audio and VFX. If you purchased this phone to enjoy glyph effects then this might be your major problem but for me, it is not the major issue. It never disturbs the phone’s performance, yes, one thing is should be improved is its battery optimization. When I show off glyph effects it consumes battery power a lot.

Nothing Os 2.5.1 A: What is improved?

Apart from the new upgrading features, the company has brought many improvements in the system UI Stability, Frame Drops issues, Camera And Lens AI optimization, and a few improvements in Gallary’s editing features also. Now you can enjoy stable gaming performances even when you are playing competitively. By the way, Phone 2 is excellent and performs like the most expensive phone like the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Are you also a Nothing Phone holder, If yes, then which model, comment us below–

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