New Galaxy Phone With The Titanium Body Confirmed After iPhone 15 Series

Now the phone with the titanium body is a trend. It was the first time we saw the titanium body in the iPhone 15 series but now Samsung also has devices to join the buzz of Phone with Titanium Body. Samsung has recently announced the Samsung Galaxy S24 series after the grand success of Galaxy S23.

Now it is confirmed that the brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 series will introduce the Titanium Body in Android.

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Samsung to Adopt Titanium Body in Galaxy S24 Series

According to the Korean News media and unnamed sources, the Galaxy S24 ultra will come with the full of buzz, Titanium Body first time in Android. Apple was the first tech giant to introduce this frame no Samsung has also adopted it.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Image with the Titanium body
Galaxy S24 Ultra with Titanium Frame

Not only that, Samsung is divided to bring some concept-level technology in the most awaited upcoming gadget. Samsung is looking also to introduce a flat-screen display, which means an Edge-less display. They have already started working on about 2 to 3 years ago.

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As per the news, the Titanium body will come with the pro and ultra models of the Galaxy S24 series while the base model can be introduced with an aluminum frame and body.

As per the insider news, Samsung has already set the goal to make more than 15 million Titanium frames for their phone. Because the Galaxy S24 Pro and the Galaxy S24 Ultra models will come with a flat display there is a high chance of coming with the titanium frame in the Galaxy S24 series.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Price Rumors

Because Samsung has to introduce the Titanium frame which is a little higher budget as compared to the normal frame. So the insider news and the rumors stated that the Galaxy S24 Pro and the Galaxy S24 Ultra price will be 10% higher than normal.

Basically, this is an ultra-lightweight, strong, and heat-consumption material which is why the company is looking to bring its next phone with a Titanium body Even more there is a buzz about this body frame which is why everyone looking to introduce their phone with Titanium body.

Apart from that, recently Samsung has surfaced the OneUI 6.1 Beta for the testers indicating that very soon you can be able to see the Gaalxy S24 series in the market. The OneUI 6.1 has Multiple insane features that you can’t find on other phones.

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