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Meet the Team DRYO TECH who always stands behind everything you see on this website. They work hard and do in-depth analysis to bring you more engaging and useful content for you!

Rakesh Sahani Profile Picture

Rakesh Sahani

Founder, Author

Rakesh is a tech enthusiast who is deeply interested in the field of technology. He started his career as a Software Support Person and then tech news writer on various online platforms. Now he has created his respected Dream Platform, DRYO TECH (


Arshita Singh

Author, Social Media Management

Arshita Singh has a passion for browsing and surfing social media. In November 2023, she joined The DRYO TECH team as a Content Analyst and Social Media Manager. She enjoys interacting with readers and spends her free time on social media.

Words From Founder

Hello Everyone! I am Rakesh Sahani. I feel excited when something innovative launches and always try to share it with someone. So, We work with many tech news websites in Pat but we always look for our community. We established this website in November 2021 with a lot of joy and an eager mind.

Our Vision is to Gear up this website to the next level by following our Trust, Care, and Love! We are committed to bringing innovative and useful content to you. I belong to Bihar, doing my education complete from there too. We are passionate about our work in the sideway part of my Education.

Background Data

  • Import & Export: We worked as an Import and Export helper in 2018 at a company in Gujrat, India. Then I joined Software Support Company in 2019.
  • Freelancer: I Work as a tech news writer on the Freelancing website. Bring over 1500+ news content on various websites with 4.1 out of 5 ratings. So we considered creating my own space and then we left that in 2021 and started DRYO TECH


  • Intermediate Science: We pursue my Intermediate Science from Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Bihar India.
  • Graduation: I am doing my graduation from Bihar but also we start our work, our passion in sideway.


I am not a perfect one and sometimes we make mistakes also. I have a little request also for my Dryo Tech Family. When I make any mistakes, please give us feedback on my Social platforms and Email. Furthermore, Please also keep your love and belief in us, We always try to give our best. Let’s embark on this journey to the next level. Thank You To All!

Heartful Regards,

Rakesh Sahani (Founder, DRYO TECH)