Enable Developer Options In MI Phones In Just 5 Easy Steps!

Enable Developer Options In MI Phones- The popular smartphone brand Xiaomi always tries to give a clean and fast UI interface to its user. As you know, Xiaomi always used MIUI skin for its Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices. In the past few years, they have made many changes in their UI, so that’s what people can’t find or Enable Developer options in their MI phones.

how to enable developer options in mi phones
How to enable developer options on mi phones

If you are also struggling to Enable the Developer options in your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO devices, then these 5 steps made this possible effortlessly. Or enable the developer options MIUI 12 phones, Even you can access the developer option Xiaomi MIUI 11 phones also.

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Basically, this option has been used by developers and IT sector engineers. The developer options are mainly used for removing bugs and debugging the phone. As well, this option can change many default settings on your phone, which should be harmful to you. That’s why the company has been hidden by default.

But you can access the developer options in your MI phones by just applying only 5 steps. With the help of these features, you can unlock OEM Unblocking, Transition effects and speed, USB Debugging, and many other important features.

What Are Developer Options In Android?

Android has always tried to get its security system to work perfectly, but in some cases, they have to take a little risk to make their devices debug. So that work you can do with the developer options.

It allows you to change many important settings on your phone, even you can transfer all the personal data, phone information, and devices’ health. So it can be harmful to you the current device user.

If you use it properly, then the Developer Options will be beneficial for you. You can use it to transfer or backup your data to other devices. You can cast your screen to another device, even you can also break the limitations of the phone also. You can monitor your phone’s background processes limitation, GPU, And Hardware rendering blocking also.

So, you use it perfectly, in this post we have shared 5 easy steps to Enable the Developer Options In Your MI, Redmi, Xiaomi, and POCO Devices.

Enable Developer Option In MI, Redmi & POCO

To enable the Developer Options in your MI phones. Apply these 5 easy and effortless steps, we have shared below…

enable developer options in mi
Enable developer options in mi

Step 1: Go To Settings and click on the About Phone Option.

Step 2: Now find MIUI Version options in the current interface. Now click on that 7 Times Quickly. Then you will see a popup at the bottom ‘You are now a developer’ means you have enabled the Developer Options in your phone. Let’s find out…

enable developer options in mi phones
Enable developer options in mi phones

Step 3. Go Back to Your Phones Settings Find Additional Setting Options and click on that.

Step 4. Now scroll down and see at the bottom, Your developer options have been enabled in your Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones.

Step 5. Now use the toggle button to Enable Or Disable The Developer Options.

So guys, after this, you can access all the IT level features on your android phone. My recommendation is, Use it properly, even you can face many harmful issues with your phone.

How To Enable Developer Options In MI Video

If you are still unable to find the developer options on your devices, just watch the video and follow the simple steps to enable the developer options on your phones.

So, guys, I hope you will find a simple way to enable the developer options in your MI, Redmi, Xiaomi or POCO devices. If you like this content, follow us on our social media the get always updated with the latest tech news. Thanks For Visiting…

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