HMD Global Gearing Up To Launch New Phone In 2024

HMD Global is a license-holder tech giant of Nokia. HMD Global is planning to launch a new smartphone in India at the start of the new year. Notably, these new phones will not have the Nokia mark, but will instead prominently display HMD’s own name. Here you will find all of the necessary information.

The brand’s market presence has been fairly erratic, owing mostly to intermittent product releases in an already oversaturated marketplace. According to 91Mobiles, the company is in the process of producing new models, but these will bear the HMD label.

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HMD Global

According to industry insiders, the firm is planning to debut new smartphones in India by April 2024. These new models are likely to have competitive pricing, with a strategic focus on online distribution channels such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others. Notably, the business intends to keep selling HMD and Nokia-branded smartphones until 2026. Unveiling Nokia Maze Pro 5G: Launch Date and Price Revealed!

According to the sources, the brand expects to offer these gadgets in both the budget and mid-range categories, with plans for flagship models as well.

These future models are expected to deliver a broader variety of operating system updates than their competitors in the market, and they are rumored to run a stock Android OS. Surprisingly, this report corresponds to one of our most recent publications. We just reported on the discovery of two new HMD smartphones in the IMEI database.

HMD Global’s Innovations

HMD, best known for its Nokia-branded smartphones, places a heavy emphasis on providing a pure Android experience, regular software upgrades, and a varied product range catering to different market niches. The company operates on a global scale, distributing its products through partnerships with carriers and retailers. Nokia C21 is finally launched in the UK with the Powerful 4000mAh, Android 12

Its usage of the well-known Nokia brand has aided it in gaining traction in the smartphone market. Please double-check this data for any changes since my latest knowledge update in January 2022.


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