Finally, Invincible Nokia Comes To An End!

Once Nokia was the king of Mobiles, everyone had a phone then it is Nokia but the Company has officially announced that your memorable Nokia has come to an End!

It’s a giant European company that operates in the telecom sector and manufactures various types of equipment, including 5G services. Although Nokia mobile was only a small part of the company, it was sold to Microsoft in 2014, who later sold it to HMD Global in 2016. Like Nokia, HMD is also a European company headquartered in Finland.

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Why Nokia Come To an End?


Nokia was a world-popular phone, but it accepted its ownership transfer when it got the desired amount. Currently, Nokia holding company HMD desires that they get the benefits of Nokia Branding But things are not as they thought, they did not get as much benefit as they thought.

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Now HMD says, they are not able to get the benefits of Nokia Branding so they need to go through official rebranding. Now you can see Nokia Phones in the name of HMD. These rumors came to the trend in June 2023 but finally came into effect.

HMD Will Unveild Rebranded Phone In February

The company has recently approved the decision to discontinue the Nokia mobile branding. It is expected that a new branding will be unveiled between 26-29 February during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. Although the Nokia mobiles will still be available in the market, the name will be changed.

Why Nokia’s Supermacy Decline?


We all know that once Everyone had a dream to buy a Nokia phone but what happened was that Nokia’s branding declined. The first reason is the introduction of Chinese brands. Nokia always has a premium phone but Chinese brands come to the market and introduced a lot of Smartphones at cheap costs, while on the other side, Nokia still produces KeyPad phones.

This was the reason because slowly, everyone started getting a Smartphone instead of a key phone And Nokia was left behind in this race. By the time Nokia introduced smartphones, the Chinese company had taken over the smartphone market by the time Nokia launched the phone, people had lost their enthusiasm due to which there was a huge decline in the sales of their phones. Are you also the Craziest Fan of Nokia? Let me in the comment section–

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