Discord Like Voice Chat Announced for WhatsApp

The gaming industry is now the largest community and the first choice for gamers is Discord because it provides group voice chat. Now Voice Chats tool from WhatsApp which resembles Discord and allows users to communicate with each other without ringing everyone in the group, is being rolled out. Whatsapp is an instant messaging app owned by the Meta Verse. It has recently announced a channel and announcement features now it is rumored to have a Discord Like Voice Chat feature.

The new feature sounds a lot like voice notes and voice calls, but it’s more like group calls. But starting a voice conversation only sends a silent push notice rather than ringing each member of the group.

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Users will have the option to join and exit at any time, much to Discord’s feature. While the voice conversation is still going on, members can message each other using the call controls that show up at the top of the group chat. Read: WhatsApp is Testing New UI For Android Users– New Features Explained

While individuals not taking part in the audio chat can view the profiles of people who joined from the chat header and the Calls tab, group members can see who joined the voice chat in a banner that displays at the bottom of the screen.

What is Discord?

Discord is a flexible messaging app that was first created for gamers but is now extensively used by many different kinds of communities. Users can establish or join servers, each of which has several voice and text channels for different kinds of conversations. Read: Whatsapp Reaction Features Coming Soon In Whatsapp Messanger: 4 Interesting Features

Discord facilitates group or one-on-one communication by offering high-quality audio and video calls. In real time, users can exchange text messages with formatting, emoticons, and attachments. Administrators can control user access with the use of elements in the platform like roles and permissions.

Task automation can be achieved by integrating bots, and Discord facilitates integration with a range of services and apps. It has become a popular option for online communities covering a wide range of interests, from gaming to education and professional networking, thanks to its user-friendly layout and numerous capabilities.


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