OpenAI’s ChatGPT Set to Challenge Google Assistant Dominance on Android

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is all set to replace Google’s Voice Assistant for Android phone users. Do you know, that Voice Assistant is getting more popular than its old age because now it can manage almost everything non-personal things like Calling, Opening applications, text messaging, setting new Alarms, Stopwatches, controlling music control, etc.

Currently, only two voice assistants are playing monopoly roles for different Operating Systems. The SIRI for iPhone users and Google Voice Assistant For Android Users. Both are set to follow the owner’s voice.

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Now the latest news coming on the internet is the Popular AI Tool ChatGPT which is made by OpenAI and supported by Microsoft all set to dominate Google’s Voice Assistant for all Android phones.

As per the report, OpenAI is planning to turn its Chat AI, ChatGPT to the voice assistant which behaves like SIRI and Google’s Voice Assistant.

OpenAI’s ChatPGT Latest Update for Android Users

ChatGPT Voice Asistant
ChatGPT Voice Asistant (Image: ZDnet)

The OpenAI makes a great effort to upgrade their ChatBot to the next level tool. The Google Voice Assistant is already playing a monopoly role in all Android phones but ChatGPT’s Native Voice Assitant will be competitive with a few latest upgrades that Google can’t provide like major changes in Natural Voice, natural feelings, etc.

As from the source, the company will provide these features inside packed with a Dedicated application for Android users. However, there is no confirmation about the iPhone.

OpenAI’s Voice Capabilities and Past Updates For ChatGPT

The most highlighted point may be its Voice Changes. We all love natural voice while the Google Voice Assitant provides robotic sound when teaching something. So I am eagerly waiting for its intense voice capabilities.

Now the most important thing is its Data Update. As you know, ChatGPT is based on the before 2023 Data Base and they can’t run the latest information in the datastream. At this, the company has claimed that OpenAI is surely upgrading the data source and will fulfill the latest data in the native Voice Assistant by ChatGPT.


While the whole world ran being AI capabilities almost every tech giant jumped into the race. As you know Samsung is also introducing its dedicated AI technology called “Galaxy AI” which also plays the Native Voice Assistant Role in all Android 14 Based One UI 6.0 Galaxy Phones.

OpenAI is making a major and great effort in the AI market. As you know, Time By Time every one shifting to the pocket screen, and Smartphones are a very good choice for them so that’s why everyone targeting Smartphone users.

I am eagerly waiting for these exciting changes in Android Phones. What do you think about that, can you please pin us in the comment–

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