BGMI Gets Green Signal To Re-launch: Here are Some Major Changes

India’s most popular battle royal game BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) may be relaunched this week. The Indian Government gave the green signal to relaunch with some restrictions. These restrictions can spoil the fun of the game, but there is only one way to back.

bgmi relaunch date

A few weeks ago, the popular eSports gamer WizzGod claimed that the BGMI would make a party in April 2023. At that time, no one believed on that but now it is looking true.

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Another side, Mazzy, who is a popular gaming caster also says that the end of the march will be amazing and that can we get official announcements from Krafton.

Changes Made In BGMI so that they can Relaunch!

As you know, there is no possibility to launch PUBG Mobile but can relaunch BGMI in India. As for the sources, Krafton gets a green signal from the government when they make some major changes, like No Blooding when hitting enemies. No killing animations, and no real-type fighting scenes.

The government has disallowed the real type-fighting and flooding when a character hits the other players with their weapons. Even then, the government also says, there not should be nude characters and undisciplined inventories as well.

When Krafton made these major changes, the Government allowed the relaunching of the Game.
According to the sources, the BGMI will launch in starting of April 2023 with age restrictions, Time restrictions, and some other major changes.

Why did the Government Force Time Restrictions?

Last year Indian Government made a sudden decision on the BGMI ban and after that, this is the first time that BGMI is looking back again with some changes. In those changes, the Time Restrictions are one of the important ones because the game was banned for some reason the this was one of the important.

Now the question is, Why did the Indian government Force the Time restrictions when the game is looking to relaunch? The answer is, There are millions of players in India. Some players played as time passed and few players made it their journey.

In those cases, some new players played this game the whole day so their parents get upset about that. Because they’ve seen that their child gets addicted to the game.

Some cases surfaced, a child killed his mother when they stopped playing games, and Some boys made inventory purchases in lacs from their parents’ accounts. and so on…

So the government took hard action against it and suddenly banned the game. But after almost 1 year, the game is looking to survive again in the Indian Gaming Community. The Indian government made some major changes to it, like Time Restrictions, Age Restrictions, Gameplay Modes, Real-time fighting, etc.

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