Beeper Mini on Android stopped working and Apple confirmed today: Report

Beeper Mini is an Android App developed by Apple that will work with iMessage and support rich messaging on cross platforms. This step is taken due to security reasons said Apple. As always everyone knows Android supports open-source applications and tools which is risky to leak personal information and Apple doesn’t want it.

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Beeper has launched an application called Beeper Mini with the use you can run iMessage on your Android Mobile and enjoy Apple’s Imessaggings features. A few days ago, Nothing also added these features to Nothing Mobile means Nothing Users can be able to use these features, but the latest reports state, that currently Beeper Mini Server is down due to security causes.

What Apple Said On Beeper Mini Service

Beeper Mini Imessage
Beeper Mini Imessage

As per the 9to5mac report, Apple states that, they are currently shutting down the Beeper Mini to iMessage connectivity because they can’t find the fake messaging and spam. They are all trying to fix the problems as soon as possible.

At Apple, we use cutting-edge privacy and security technologies to produce our products and services. These technologies are designed to provide consumers with data control and safeguard their data. We’ve taken steps to protect our users by disabling iMessage access methods that make use of fictitious credentials. Because these techniques expose metadata and make unsolicited messages, spam, and phishing assaults possible, they may jeopardize user security and privacy.

We’ll continue to release updates in the future to safeguard our users. Apple’s service can now be accessed directly by the new app. This indicates that neither Beeper’s servers nor a remote Mac are being used by you to log into your Apple ID. You’re logging in through Apple directly instead. After that, your files and messages are sent directly from your smartphone to Apple.

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