Apple’s Stunning Bezel-Less iPhone Display In 2023: Unleashing the Future

Exciting news for Apple’s Phone Lovers because Apple is looking for a bezel-less display for their upcoming iPhones. As per the rumor, Apple has requested LG and Samsung to produce a Bezel-Less display. Ultimately, Apple is thinking to remove all the bezels from the front side.

Apple iPhone 17 Pro Max Specifications

It might be possible with the TFi (Thin-Film-Encapluson) & UPC (Under-Panel-Camera) advanced technology. Samsung is working already on the UPC method while they are testing TFi and might be successful to remove almost 99% of the bezel from the phone.

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Apple Has Requested To Remove Bezel-Less Display For Apple

According to news, Samsung & LG is manufacturing OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) Displays where they will remove all the bezels from the front side as per Apple’s request.

iPhone 15 Pro Max curve Edge display

There are so many smartphone brands that use curved displays but Apple plans to maintain the iPhone’s flat display and angular design. As per the report, Apple has just rejected the curve edge display technology and plans to bring a flat, bezel-less display to compete with the curved-display crowd.

To execute their bezel-less design without using a curved display, company has to plan to bend all the circuits in the current bezel below the display. However, this approach needs to ensure antenna space and solve interference problems.

The bezel-less display is also neutrally resolving challenges related to thin film encapsulation (TFE) and under-panel camera (UPC) technologies. The outer film encapsulation needs to be thinner than current standards, and the UPC should seamlessly blend with the display to enhance user immersion.

Ultimately, Samsung is trying to make interest stable for iPhone. As you know, other Android brands brings some great packe o the phone like Nothing Phone, Samsung S23 Ultra, Redmi Note 12 Pro+, etc.

Eveyone trying the different of innovations, so why iPhone looks behind. That is the main reason, they are trying to do something innovative this time.

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