Apple Beating Samsung For The First Time In History: Becomes The Most Shipped Brand of 2023

According to research by the IDC, Apple has beaten Samsung for the first time and become the most popular phone seller in a calendar year. According to the source, Apple has shipped around 234.6 million iPhones while Samsung has 226.6 million phones only in 2023. This is happening for the first time in history when Apple made Samsung a runner-up in the most shipping Race. Just below them, Xiomi is also standing with over 145.9 Million ships of the phone.

Apple, Samsung, And Xiaomi have made great moves in 2023

Apple Shipped Most Phones Than Samsung (IDC Data)
Apple Shipped Most Phones Than Samsung (IDC Data)

All, the top three brands made a strategic move to win the race and bring a classy smartphone to the market. Apple has introduced the iPhone 15 series while Samsung has also launched its flagship Galaxy S23 series and au usually Xiaomi has also brought the most powerful smartphone of the year– Xiaomi 13 Llinups.

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Apple and Samsung launched their phone in a flagship and expensive budget but again Xiaomi introduced their phone in a mid-range budget and got a strategic love from its fans.

Why Apple Becomes the Most Shipped Smartphone Brand Of 2023

Why did Apple win the race and Samsung become the Runner Up!!? The main thing I think behind this may be the major changes in iPhones. Apple has made many major changes like you never heard of! Apple brings USB Type-C support, removed bezels, upgrades their display refresh rate, the Craze of Dynamic Island, Battery And Charging Efficiency, and most importantly, the Hype of Titanium Body.

iPhone Vs Samsung, Most Selling Phone in 2023

By doing this, users are eagerly interested in exploring and enjoying these things! As you know, every iPhone user wants USB Type-C support, and for the first time, Apple has introduced it with the iPhone Pro and 15 Pro Max models. However, the hype about the Titanium body was washed away after the launch, but slowly Apple recovered it and became the most shipping phone brand in the world.

Apart from that, talking about Samsung, also made major changes like Foldable, Flip, Upgrades in UI Skin, and upgraded the system stability but they failed to interact with more users. These are my points of view, on why Apple beat Samsung and became the most-shipped smartphone brand of 2023.

What do you think about that?! I really want to know your opinion on Why this happened last year. Please pin us in the comment section–

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