6 Known Issues In POCO X3 Pro After MIUI 13 Update [January 2024]

POCO X3 Pro is always known for its buttery-smooth gaming and seamless system performance. But a large number of POCO X3 Pro users reported so many issues and Bugs regarding unstable performances and majorly Phone Death Issues.

Xiaomi POCO X3 pro
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

Recently POCO India has promised to extend the POCO X3 Pro warranty for up to 6 months But it can’t fix our sorrow, because when this phone gets dead, we almost lost all budget we spent on this phone.

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I purchased POCO X3 Pro in March 2021 for my little official work and gaming only and believe me, my phone also get dead. Here is my long-term review & experiences about what I feel when is used it.

Today still so many gamers considered to buy the POCO X3 Pro phone because it comes with one of the powerful Snapdragon 860 Processo which allows you smoother 60FPS gaming. Unfortunately, this phone does not support 5G internet but If you are a Wifi user then you can also consider this phone for multitasking and gaming.

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This powerful processor can handle multiple heavy applications at the same time, but the Latest UI updates kill its performance.

A Xiaomi News Portal shared their experience with the device and my known issues matched so that It may be a worldwide issue.

5 Known Issues In POCO X3 Pro After MIUI 13 Update

Here are 5 known issues we faced in the past few days that were shown after MIUI 13 update.

1. Over Heating

Many peoples report that They are facing issues with overheating. While they watch videos, do their work, or listen to music for more than an hour, the device gets heated a lot.

All device is not affected by this issue, some peoples are facing this issue. Peoples report that their mobile gets heated while they playing games, so that is not a big matter. So what is your experience with this device, please comment below…

2. Frame Drops

The POCO X3 Pro was made for a smoother experience device in this range, but after the update, there are many frame dropping, which looks like a lag issue.

This device gives 60FPS Gameplay on PUBG Mobile or BGMI, but sometimes its FPS drops while the enemies roar around.

It hasn’t a stable FPS, it fluctuates a lot after the update, but even after there is no device at this range with this type of performance. The POCO X3 Pro is still the top-class gaming phone in this range.

But there is a solution to force the FPS to the Peak. Go to developer options and enable the option “Force Peak Refresh Rate ” for better gaming experiences.

3. Refresh Rate Fluctuations

as you know, the POCO X3 Pro features an Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate display that provides very smoother graphics. But after the latest UI update, the refresh rate fluctuates a lot.

When you restart your device, it will take an extra minute to get ready for perfect use. In the starting, the mobile was a killer, but the UI update killed their kindness.

4. App Crashes

After the Latest MIUI 13 update, the POCO X3 Pro users faced issues while they have using a kind of application, and the app stops working.

Even, though I started playing PUBG Mobile and Between, the game crashes automatically, even if it crashes frequently after getting heated. So if you are a user of POCO X3 Pro, please share your experience with us.

5. Scratches Lag

Sometimes we normally use the device and between the work, we get a little lag issue. It happens while the phone is heated. So we have to restart the device to use it perfectly.

This type of lag looks like scratches on the display, especially if it happens after a long term of use or playing a game for an hour.

6. Phone Gets Dead

One of our readers reports that they purchased the Poco x3 pro mobile 3 months ago and now their phone gets dead competently.

So we made some research on that and get got the solutions. If you use to have work on the phone when plug-in, then definitely this phone will die. We talk with the girl, who is our permanent reader. She explained that they newly made a gaming youtube channel and she’s playing games while live streaming when the career is plug-in.

After that, we talk about one of my friends who also purchased the POCO X3 Pro for gaming. According to him, they have facing lag and frame drop issues, but their phone is still in good condition.

So, my thought is, if you have this phone in good condition, then never do the same thing, that the girl has done. The phone is a gaming device, but you can’t do heavy work when the plug-in conditions.

Is POCO X3 Pro Still The Best Gaming Phone Under 20k?

xiaomi poco x3 pro best 90fps mobile phones
Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro, The Best 90 FPS Mobile Phone

I think POCO X3 Pro is still, one of the best gaming phones, but one major thing that disappoints us is there is no assurance that how long this phone will last, this phone can be dead anytime if you use it hardly, I mean you play games, or doing multitasking all day.

And 2nd reason is, that there is no device in the 20000 range that provides 60FPS gameplay, with a higher gaming experience with massive battery capacity.

But there is an issue maybe a feature because Xiaomi has promised to provide this phone with around 4 major software updates, and the phone was launched in July 2021 and there are only two years of software updates left

Never mind, if we looking for a gaming phone under the 20000 budget you can go with POCO X3 Pro. You can watch other 90FPS Mobile Phones FOR PUBG/BGMI Under a 30000 Budget here.


Is POCO X3 Pro Dead After Purchase?

No, That is the false news. Many users reported that their phones get dead, but they also shared that, some people use the phone for gaming and still played games after overheating, And some people still played games after overheating when they plug in the charger.

Should We Buy POCO X3 Pro In 2023?

It is a value-for-money device and no device gives this performance, but its update promise lifetime will get over after two years.

Is POCO X3 Pro a good choice?

Yup, because it has still super performance if you look for the PUBG Mobile gaming experience. It will provide high-quality graphics, except for PUBG Mobile because it is too heavy.

But it isn’t mean that it has bad graphics, this phone provides a 90FPS gaming experience also with PUBG Mobile but sometimes lags because of overheating.

Does POCO X3 Pro support 5G?

Unfortunately, The POCO X3 Pro is not supporting 5G Data connectivity. The company has almost removed its face from this phone because other brands upgrade their old phone to the 5G network but POCO is looking unaware of this!

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